2019 – 2020

Completed Vivas

Lauren FriedA Material History of Trans Identities in UK Performance (1967 -1990)

Asa Johannesson: The Queering of Photography: A Generative Account >

Maria Chessa: The Silent Revolution: Material Engagement and Knowledge behind the Technology of Paper across Italy and England (1590-1800) >

Freddie Mason: The Viscous: slime, stickiness, fondling, mixtures >

Christina Mamakos: A Sense of Meaning: Applications of Embodied Cognition to Art Models >

Georgios Kontis: Authenticity Painting Ontologies & the Threatening Image

Dorothy Armstrong: What is an ‘oriental’ carpet? Reimagining, remaking, repossessing the patterned pile carpets of South, Central and West Asia since 1840 >

Josephine De Staël: The Role of the Model in Parisian Fine Jewellery Knowledge >

Yong Keun Chun: Displayed Modernity: Advertising and Commercial Art in Colonial Korea, 1920-1940 >

Catherine Guiral de Trenqualye: Conjugating Spaces: mapping the work of French typographer and urbanist Pierre Faucheux during the Trente Glorieusese

Yun Wang: The History of Contemporary Chinese Graphic Design in the Context of Globalisation >

Brigid McLeer: Withholding ‘Us’: Images in the Space of Appearance >

Nayan Kulkarni: Night Moves: A Mise-en-scène of a Luminous Economy >

Isabelle Kullman (MPhil): Treading lightly between the analogue and digital to transform float glass – an alternative studio practice? >

Julian Lass: A Witness’s Gesture >

Miranda Clow: The Design of Trust, Past and Present: A dialogue between ‘design for trust’ in contemporary design practice and the fire insurance industry in England 1680–1914 >

Jeroen van Dooren: We Are Not Ourselves All of the Time and We Are Not All of Ourselves at Any Time: Heteronyms, Personas and Contemporary Art >

Elizabeth Atkinson: Animals and their Artists: An Exploration of Impossible Encounters >

Kevin Biderman: Visual Surveillance and Direct Action Protest in the City of London >

Frances Morgan: Electronic Music Studios London Ltd (EMS), the Synthi 100 synthesizer and the construction of electronic music histories

Isabelle Held: Designing the Bombshell: Military-Industrial Materials and the Shaping of Women’s Bodies in the United States 1939–1976 >

Sarah Kelly: Warm Like Ice: Radical Empathies for Glacial Times >

Yifei He: Contemporary Chinese Painting and the Studio: When and Where does a Painting Practice Begin and End? >

Joana Pereira: Mute Legacies: Silent Practices of Resilience >