SoAH Research Presents

2020 – 2021

Representation with Ama Josephine Budge
An Image of Tomorrow: Reading Rotimi Fani-Kayode through the Potentiality of Intimate Ecologies. >

Diagram with Professor Marcus du Sautoy, Professor David Burrows and Dr Lucia D’Errico >

Animality: In conversation with artist Braco Dimitrijevic and curator Fedja Klikovac, chaired by Professor Olivier Richon >

Care: I Care By…’ (A Recital)
A public event with artist Jade Montserrat, hosted by Prof. Gemma Blackshaw and the Care research group within SoAH at the RCA >

Entanglement: just dreaming (the worlds) >

2019 – 2020

Entanglement: Just Gaming >

2018 – 2019

Re-enactment: Ali Smith >

Entanglement: The Opera >

Me: ‘Mary in my urine, my mouth, my heart, my madness, my sleep; my sea, my me:’ Or, Caul (1966) by Mary Glass – A Lecture by Professor Carol Mavor >

Documents: ‘The Psychotic Document’ >

Environment: Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg & Joanna Boehnert >

2017 -2018

Fiction:  Dickie Beau >

Entanglement: ‘Marl: Sometimes Hard, usually Soft: A Carnival of Entanglement’ >

Documents: Aby Warburg : Mnemosyne, or the Cinematographic Machine Without Apparatus. Philippe-Alain Michaud >

Politicised Practice: ‘The Seventh Wonder of the ZAD’ with Kristin Ross & Mark Hutchinson >

Absurdity: Colouring in the Void >