SoAH Research Presents: Entanglement: just dreaming (the worlds)

Entanglement: just dreaming (the worlds) started as a provocation. If it were the case that quantum entanglement and the wild, superpositional encounters that entanglement in and of itself (its dimensionally pluralised ‘itself’) names, could that encounter enable the emergence of new ways of thinking, making, inventing. Could it enable new forms of intimacy, of poetics, perhaps even of science and of life. So, we began to dream. Aloud. Awake. Altered. Zoomified across the tiles.

We asked four artists⇌musicians⇌philosophers⇌physicists ⇌  to contribute to ‘a’ or perhaps even ‘the’ Dreaming. Join the PHD PGR Entanglement Researchers along with:

  • Jackson 2Bears Jackson 2bears is a Kanien’kehaka (Mohawk) multimedia installation/ performance artist and cultural theorist from Six Nations and Tyendinaga, who is currently based in Lethbridge Alberta, Canada—Treaty 7, Blackfoot Territory.
  • PetraGemeinboeck  Petra’s artistic research practice crosses creative robotics, performance and feminist theory, bringing critical questions of embodiment, materiality and performativity into the arena of social robotics. 
  • Suchitra Sebastian is co-Director with (Siân Dutton) of the Quantum Materials group at the Maxwell centre, Oxford; described as a quantum alchemist, her research focuses on new quantum phases of matter – interactions/emergence between trillions and trillions of electrons in quantum materials, which lead to new collective quantum behaviour dramatically different from well-understood individual electron behaviour.
  • Pato Hebert is a visual artist, educator and cultural worker specifically addressing spirituality, space, queerness, MSM and the HIV/aids community via light, performance, sculpture. Pato holds the Chair in Art and Public policy at TISCH, NYC

At a time when the world continues to suffer from accelerated epidemics, ‘alt-truths’, rising fascisms, war and violence, Entanglement: just dreaming (the worlds) asks of us not to ignore or pretend otherwise, but to encounter with a set of tools, starting with the importance of (the/just) Dreaming.