Speaking of Her Research Network

Nadia Hebson presenting at Speaking With, RCA, 2019

Speaking of Her is a network for art practice and research exploring and making women’s creative legacies. The network came together to organise events and exhibitions, hold discussions and share research at the beginning of 2019.

Our priority is to instigate, enable and disseminate feminist discourse around creative legacies through exhibitions, writing, reading groups and publications; and to invite collaboration and dialogue with an extended network of researchers and creative practitioners through research residencies and events/symposia.

To contact the network please email: soah-research@rca.ac.uk

Steering Committee
Rebecca Fortnum, Chantal Faust, Juliette Blightman, Caroline Douglas, Marita Fraser, Amelia Stein and Sharon Young . Read more >

Past Events
Say Something Back
Lecture: 28.02.2019T S Eliot Lecture Theatre, Merton College, Oxford, UK
Participants: Juliette Blightman, Caroline Douglas, Chantal Faust, Rebecca Fortnum, Marita Fraser, Sharon Young. 

Speaking With
Symposium: 12.06.2019, Gorvy Lecture Theater, Royal College of Art, UK
Participants: Nadia Hebson, Carol Mavor, Marita Fraser, Juliette Blightman, Caroline Douglas, Onyeka Igwe, Sharon Young, Armelle Skatulski. Chair: Rebecca Fortnum. Responder: Felicity Allen. 

Exhibition: 9-12 July 2019, Dyson Gallery, Royal College of Art, UK
Participants: Helen Barff, Juliette Blightman, Sharon Young, Chantal Faust, Rebecca Fortnum, Marita Fraser, Gill Houghton, Tami Izko, Lali Khalid, Janice Levy, Mars, Nadège Mériau, Trish Morrissey, Mark Riley, Colette Standish, Poppy Whatmore. Performance: Marianne Mulvey. Curator: Linda Rocco.

Symposium: Symposium: 9.7.19, Gorvy Lecture Theatre, Royal College of Art, UK
Participants: Sally O’Reilly, Sharon Young, Charan Singh, Tanya Augsburg, Marita Fraser, Adjoa Armah, Beatrice Gibson, Niklas Lichti, Federica Bueti, Esme Boggis, Ralph Pritchard, Juliette Blightman, Tom Smith. Chairs: Marita Fraser, Sharon Young.