Published 2014

Chantal Faust
Copy Editors
Emily LaBarge
Nina Trivedi

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Designer: Trond Klevgaard
Edition: 200 copies


Table of Contents

Venus, Displaced Luci Eldridge
Prova 2 Chantal Faust
Somewhere Between Curatorial and Artistic Practice Kit Hammonds
Digital Debris in Internet Art, a Metaphorical Resistance to the Epistemology of Search Nils Jean
Beyond Natural Beauty, Bounty and National Boundaries: Actualising the Debate on the ‘Brazilian Contemporary’ in Art, Architecture and Design Livia Rezende
Splitting the Outline Andrew Hewish
Walk London Helen Kearney

Prova Focus: What is it to do an Arts and Humanities PhD
in an Art School?
Practising the Humanities in the Art School Environment Guy Julier
Too Many Doctors? Chantal Faust

Designing Identity
Designing Identity: Historical Perspectives, Chiara Barbieri, Trond Klevgaard, Tania Messell and David Preston
Touching the Wound Dionea Rocha Watt

Speculative Thinking: On Object Oriented Philosophies and Science Fiction
Introduction: the other of the otherwise Nina Trivedi
Joe Camel Barnaby Lambert
Practising ‘Flat Ecology’ in Everyday Life. Proposal and Questions Mirko Nikolić
Reclaiming Utopia: the Eco-City and the Revenge of the Real Robert Cowley
On dOCUMENTA (13) Valentina Ravaglia
A Glimpse of Mars through Fractured Illusion Luci Eldridge

Reasons for Returning Helena Bonett
How to Make a Critical Re-Enactment: a Hand Guide Maya Oppenheimer

RCA Humanities Research Forum 2013–2014