Published 2013

Chantal Faust
Contributing editors
Helen Kearney
Trond Klevgaard
Emily LaBarge
Emily Marshall Orr
Angels Miralda Tena
Copy Editor
Emily LaBarge
Image Advisor
Emily Marshall Orr

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Designer: Trond Klevgaard
Edition: 200 copies


Table of Contents

Prova Chantal Faust
Meditations on Research in Fine Art Jonathan Miles
Presence and Absence in the Research Encounter Angels Miralda Tena & Dionea Rocha Watt
Presence and Presentation / Presence and Absence Angels Miralda Tena
The Presence of Writing and The Absence of Things Dionea Rocha Watt
Liminality and Legibility Barnaby Dicker
On Translation: The Originality of Interpretation Angels Miralda Tena
On Translation: A Case of Negotiation Trond Klevgaard
Black Economy Edward Colless
Doubt Emily LaBarge
Doubt and Design History Helen Kearney
The Future Barry Curtis
RCA Humanities Research Forum Calendar January – June 2013