The Urgency of the Arts NAFAE Conference 2019

Living Research: The Urgency of the Arts
NAFAE Research Student Conference 2019

Royal College of Art, Battersea

Hosted by the Royal College of Art, and with contributions from research students from universities across the UK and the world, the LIVING RESEARCH conference ran six strands of thinking around creative propositions engendered by a single word. The categories; Collaboration, Documents, Entanglement, Environment, Me and Reenactment are currently in use within the RCA’s School of Arts & Humanities, bringing together researchers across disciplines, developing creative methods to explore terms that demand urgent enquiry.

Welcome Address: The Urgency of the Arts
With contributions from Jordan BASEMAN | Gemma BLACKSHAW |
Zowie BROACH | Joel CHAN | Nicky COUTTS | Juan CRUZ | Brian
DILLON | Catherine DORMOR | Anne DUFFAU | Chantal FAUST |
Rebecca FORTNUM | Johnny GOLDING | Paul HAYWOOD | Jaspar
JOSEPH-LESTER | Adam KAASA | Jonathan MILES | Rathna
RAMANATHAN | Olivier RICHON | Aura SATZ | Shehnaz
SUTERWALLA | Rebecca TADMAN | Joanne TATHAM | Victoria

Chair: Professor Olivier RICHON,
Head of Photography, Royal College of Art
Shannon FORRESTER, Royal College of Art
Material Aliveness and Affective Projection in Reparative Painting
Anthony JACKSON, Glyndwr University
Speaking Two Languages
Edward ‘Jonnie’ TURPIE, Birmingham School of Art
Being vulnerable to the making, in the making
Bec WONDERS, Glasgow School of Art
Unravelling Feminist Periodicals

Chair: Professor Johnny GOLDING,
Senior Tutor Research and Professor of Philosophy and Fine Art, Royal College of Art
Aslihan CARAOUPAPOULLÉ, Kingston University / LDoc
Creating balance between transformation and preservation within UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Belper as a Case Study
Martha Jean LINEHAM, Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan
University Sensation and affect down at the seaside arcade
Alison MERCER, Royal College of Art
Interchanges? How can participatory creative encounters sustain one’s own artistic practice.
Emily OHLUND, Royal College of Art
Dyspraxia in the Workshop
Adam J B WALKER, Royal College of Art
Dark kitchens and desert cities: (dis)embodied resistance at the (non)site

Chair: Dr Shehnaz SUTERWALLA,
Tutor in History of Design, Royal College of Art
Kirsten ADKINS, University of Wolverhampton
Diamond Reynolds: A Journey from Social Media to Celluloid
Jenny EDEN, Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University
Opening up the Receptors
Eve GRUBIN, Kingston University
The Poetics of Reticence
Di LAN, Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University
Sometimes You Think You Are a Bird, But Actually You Are a Kite
Rafal MORUSIEWICZ, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Reading Polish Film History through Auto-Ethnography and Remix
Muhammad Babar SULEMAN, Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford
Possible Lives: Finding Consciousness Through the Art of Spiritual Penetration

Chair: Dr Lisa STANSBIE,
Dean of the Leeds School of Art, Architecture and Design, Leeds Beckett University
Gill BROWN, London College of Communication, UAL
Creating scientific conceptual figures: using graphic design practice-based research in a collaboration with neuroscientists
Zhu LI, Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University
The Effectiveness of Participation: Action Logic of Socially Engaged Art in Rural China
Carol MANCKE, Royal College of Art
Thinking together in public: Collaborative thinking as artistic practice
Helen McGHIE, University of Sunderland
Stargazing at the “Invisible”: Photography and the Power of Obscured Light – Collaborations Between the Commercial Sector (Kielder Observatory) and Photographic Practice
Gina NADAL-FERNANDEZ, Manchester Metropolitan University
The role of Repertory Grid Technique within the field of co-designed textile practice
Lesley RAVEN, Staffordshire University and Manchester MET
The complexities of collaboration through a lens of reflective practice

Chair: Professor Johnny GOLDING,
Senior Tutor Research and Professor of Philosophy and Fine Art, Royal College of Art
Anna ÅDAHL, Royal College of Art
Predicting Crowds: The Aesthetics and Politics of Digitised and Simulated Crowds
Clare BEATTIE, University for the Creative Arts
The Folded Space-time of Experimental Practice – Entangled Futures: How Reification in Fine Art Practice Provides an Architecture for Understanding Quantum Ontology
Lara GARCIA DIAZ, Culture Commons Quest Office, Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts
Anna NAZO, Royal College of Art
Green, Undulation. Viscosity of Sense.
Dario SRBIC, Royal College of Art
Despina ZACHAROPOULOU, Royal College of Art
Performance on a stage of trauma

Chair: Dr Catherine MAFFIOLETTI,
Research Fellow, Ravensbourne University London
Qi FANG, Newcastle University
The metaphoric transforming environment in the semi-darkness
Marita FRASER, Royal College of Art
Speaking With
Xiaoyi NIE, Royal College of Art
Re-enactment? Or A Pilgrimage to Inhabit the Space?
Heather ROSS, Newcastle University
The Loud and the Soft Speakers; A Contemporary Iteration of Kurt Schwitters’ The Silence Poem
Diana TAYLOR, Sheffield Hallam University
Arts and Crafts: Back and forth, time and time again
Ana TELES, University of the Arts London
Copying the work of other artists: an inquiry into artistic identity and authenticity
Caroline WARD, Royal College of Art,
Pre-enacting Artificial Intelligence

With Research Poster contributions from:
Soha AL ZAID, Birmingham City University
Yreilyn CARTAGENA, University of Huddersfield
Antony HALL, Manchester Metropolitan University
Jesse HOGAN, Tokyo University of the Arts
Kathryn Lawson HUGHES, Swansea College of Art
Di LAN, Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University
Zhu LI, Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University
Kukka PAAVILAINEN, University of the Arts Helsinki
Eiko SOGA, Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford
Victoria SUVOROFF, University of Brighton
Yi (Joshua) WANG, Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University
Ziwei WANG, Glasgow School of Art