SoAH Research Platform: In the Realm of Re-Sensing

Wayne Binitie

In the Realm of Re-Sensing
SoAH Research Platform
21 – 28 July 2020
RCA SoAH Online

We are happy to announce In the Realm of Re-Sensing, an event series focusing on the transformation of the senses and sense making in an increasingly online world. The event understands re-sensing not only as the digitally propelled thinning or withering of the senses, but also as their potential extension, intensification, recombination, splitting and remodelling induced by today’s cyborg assemblages. It asks more generally how we can connect sense-making with sensation to think about their mutual transformation in times of such abundant crisis.

Wednesday 22nd July / 2 – 4.30 pm (BST)
Panel Discussion & Art Making Workshop: 
Sense, Non-Sense and Art 
Harry Baxter, Professor Hannah Thompson and James Taylor Foster 
Convened and moderated by David Johnson and Chang Gao

Tuesday 28th of July 
One-day event: Sense-Making for Sharing Sensibilities
12 – 1 pm (BST)
Textual bodies: Online Studio Visit with Adam Walker 
Curated by Hang Li
5 – 7 pm (BST)
Panel Discussion: Sense-Making for Sharing Sensibilities: Art, Design and Social Change
Marc Garrett, Jennifer Lyn Morone, Wesley Taylor
Moderated by Hang Li

Please notice that BST is one hour ahead of UTC/GMT.