SoAH Research Presents: ‘Marl: Sometimes Hard, usually Soft: A Carnival of Entanglement’

SoAH Presents: ‘Marl: Sometimes Hard, usually Soft: A Carnival of Entanglement’
Presented by the ENTANGLEMENT research group
25 January 2018 | 6pm – 9pm
RCA Battersea, Dyson Building

Marl: Sometimes Hard, usually Soft: A Carnival of Entanglement with Leo Costner / Amir George / Manu Luksch / Martin Reinhart / UBERMORGENOrganised by: Johnny Golding, Aura Satz, Margarita Gluzberg, Nigel RolfeEntanglement Research Group (RCA).
The Research Group: Entanglement seeks to establish a kind of ‘lab’, a weekly experimental site foregrounding one’s artphilosophyvoicetonguequantumphysicswork through the strange visceral economies of what constitutes an ‘is’ (or even the is):the petrol-sphere ⇌ augmented reality ⇌ derivatives ⇌ erotic praxis ⇌ deep listening ⇌ attunement ⇌ logic of the senses ⇌ trembling ⇌ flows ⇌ patterns ⇌ hungers ⇌ curiosities ⇌ violences ⇌ smell ⇌ libidinal skin⇌ exquisite methods ⇌ trans-materialities ⇌ queer borders ⇌ salt water ⇌ drone warfare⇌ parrhesia ⇌ alchemy ⇌ groundless ⇌ ground ⇌ swells ⇌ blood poetics ⇌ radical matter ⇌ curved time ⇌ atmosphere ⇌ loneliness ⇌ super-positionality ⇌ ones and zeroes ⇌ body without organs⇌ body with organs ⇌ quantum consciousness⇌ encounters ⇌ air ⇌ 4thdimension ⇌ zero ⇌ morphogenesis ⇌ genitalia ⇌ magic ⇌transubstantiation of the senses ⇌ anger ⇌ artificial intelligence ⇌ dirty media ⇌ improv ⇌ submission ⇌ belonging ⇌ bots ⇌ difference ⇌ libidinal ⇌ octopus, squid and other alien creatures ⇌ spells ⇌ cosmopolitics ⇌ gut feeling ⇌ quantum physics ⇌ simultaneity ⇌ anthropocene ⇌ friendship ⇌ non-monogamy ⇌ boxing ⇌stuttering ⇌ lovers ⇌ ontological nothingness ⇌ ontological somethingness ⇌ non-locality ⇌ boredom ⇌ super-positionality ⇌ laughter ⇌ monad ⇌ black matter ⇌ event ⇌ inhabited philosophy.

We will commence the Entanglement in the New Year 2018 with Foucault’s The Courage of Truth read with and against Bataille’s Meditations and Haraway’s Tentacular ThinkingEntanglement enables (or will try to enable) a new form of contemporary art, philosophy/erotic praxis, poetics and the logics of sense we call ‘inhabited philosophy’. All work(s) will be discussed / voiced / heard / exchanged bearing in mind a few interlocutors: Friedrich Nietzsche, Isabelle Stengers, Karen Barad, Benoit Mandelbrot, Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Søren Kierkegaard, Kathy Acker, Euripides, Martin Heidegger, Walter Benjamin, Michel Foucault, Deleuze and Guattari, J-F Lyotard, RAW, Wittgenstein, Angela Davis.

Research Tutor: Johnny Golding with Aura Satz, Nigel Rolfe, Sarah Jones and Margarita Gluzberg. Honorary Post-docs: Alberto Condotta, Fani Cettl, Jakub Ceglarz and Mattia Paganelli.