SoAH Research presents Entanglement: Just Gaming

SoAH Research Presents: Entanglement: Just Gaming
Presented by the ENTANGLEMENT research group
25 June 2020 | 5pm – 9pm

Entanglement: Just Gaming is taken, in part, from Jean Francois Lyotard’s iconic book Just Gaming. In it he describes the postmodern condition as a ‘game’ divided into 7 days. In this online event, led by professor Johnny Golding and the researchers of Entanglement, the ‘just gaming’ has been divided into seven ‘days’ held over a four hour mash-up (5pm-9pm). Mirroring JF Lyotard’s work, speaking raw, eloquent, disturbed, playful to the wildly harsh moments of our contemporary world(s).

Invited artist-philosophers-physicists include: Black Quantum Futurism (rasheedah phillips & camae ayewa), plastique fantastique, freddie mason, UBERMORGEN, martin reinhart, manu luksch, margarete jahrmann, andrew prescott, daniel rubinstein

7 Days in 4 hours are:
Justice <-> Imagination (starting at 17.10);
Magic <-> Chaos (17.40);
Contagion <-> Stickiness (18.15);
Nesting <-> Anamorphisim (18.45),
Amnesia <-> Surveillance (19.30);
Kitchen<-> Annex (20:00);
Second Hand Time (20.30).

Entanglement is a SoAH and RKE cross-college research platform in the face of surveillance, AI, crypto currency and online intelligence.