Flight Mode

SoAH Research Project 2018

Nicholas Middleton, The Burrow, 2018

FLIGHT MODE: a conversation in pause…
28 June –1 July 2018  

FLIGHT MODE marks the second year of a cross School MPhil and PHD research platform initiated by the RCA’s School of Arts and Humanities.  Following on from last year’s the hugely successful Daybreak, the postgraduate researchers return to Peckham for another experimental set of off-site events, taking place across three sites in SE15, from 28th June – 1 July.  Interweaving curatorial collaboration, performance, live event and open-mic symposium alongside the launch of the research journal PROVA, FLIGHT MODE plays with and around a multitude of research imperatives, provoked by the dystopic politics of our contemporary times and includes contributions from over 40 research students.    

Performances 28 June 4–7pm
Caroline Garden’s Chapel, London SE15 2SQ   

FLIGHT MODE Assembly Point
Opening 28 June 7–10pm
Exhibition 29 June – 1 July 10am–6pm  
Live Interventions 1st July 4–6pm
49 Staffordshire Street, London SE15 5TJ  

FLIGHT MODE Peckham Liberal Club
Launch 30 June 6pm-12am PROVA 4
launch, open mic, quiz & party DJ set by Alpha (A–Z) & guests  
24 Elm Grove, London, SE15 5DB 

Cradeaux Alexander / Rana Al Ogayyel / Adjoa Armah / Wayne Binitie / Juliette Blightman / Sharon Young / Anja Borowicz / Desmond Brett /  Catharine Cary / Aki Pao-Chen Chiu / Emma Somerset Davis / Caroline Douglas  / Jacqueline Felstead / Shannon Forrester / Marita Fraser / Åsa Johannesson  / Sarah Kelly  / Vicky Kim / Julian Lass / Lola Lasurt / Christina Mamakos  / Maria Gafarova / Mayra Martin Ganzinotti / Finlay McInally / Nicholas Middleton  / Liz K Miller / Ruidi Mu / Liz Murray / Anna Nazo  / Joana Maria Pereira  / Gareth Proskourine-Barnett / Alison Rees  / Cole Robertson / Ilona Sagar  / Kyung Hwan Shon / Armelle Skatulski / Emily Sparkes / Dario Srbic  / Adam J B Walker / Frances Young  / Despina Zacharopoulou  

Flight Mode, Asylum
Flight Mode, Asylum
Flight Mode, Asylum
Flight Mode, Assembly Point
Flight Mode, Assembly Point