Call and Response 2021

Call and Response: SoAH Research Presentations
Facilitated by the School of Arts & Humanities RCA, Greenwich University and the NAFAE network.
Presentations online 01 -29 June 2021.


01 June 2021

Chair: Dr Elena Papadaki (University of Greenwich and Royal College of Art)
Staff: Professor Gemma Blackshaw (Royal College of Art); Dr Marsha Bradfield (Camberwell College of Arts); Dr Mo Throp (Chelsea College of Art)

Nicholas Middleton, Royal College of Art, Painting and the Off-frame
Lara Luna Bartley, University of the West of England, Recent sightings of the Invisible Hand: a visual exploration of one of (neo)classical economics most enduring mythologies
Sohaila Baluch, Royal College of Art, Thinking Difference: a reimagining of British South Asian identity
Hannah Morris, Newcastle University, Painting through a paradox, I’m not dead yet
Simon Ringe, Leeds Beckett University, Making Effable the Ineffable
Lynda Beckett, Central Saint Martins, How does art research allow for matter to be a conceptual, sensorial and socio-political encounter?
Martin Fowler, University of Cumbria, Prefab: Dissident Art Making – Against The Capitalist Common Sense

08 June 2021

Chair: Pro Vice Chancellor, Prof Mark O’Thomas (University of Greenwich) and Deputy Head of School of Design, Dr Anastasios Maragiannis (University of Greenwich)
Staff: Dr Catherine Maffioletti (University of Greenwich)

Gavin Edmonds, Chelsea College of Arts, Listening For Echoes: Afterwardsness as a Model For Artistic Practice
Ana Teles, University of the Arts London, Copying the work of Frank Bowling
Joshua Y’Barbo, Chelsea College of Arts, Materiality of Dialogue
Elaine Robertson, Northumbria University, Creativity and the trauma of COVID-19: How do Foundation level Art and Design students navigate a liminal journey during a pandemic?
Elisabetta Fabrizi, Newcastle University, Artists’ Moving Image in the UK: a case study of Tate’s curatorial policies
Mengwei Li, Central Saint Martins, Becoming Minor? – Starting from Peripheries

15 June 2021

Dr Josephine Berry (Royal College of Art); Dr Catherine Maffioletti (University of Greenwich); Dr Elena Papadaki (University of Greenwich and Royal College of Art)

Chang Gao, Royal College of Art, Using Supernormal Stimuli and Erotic to Create Public Artworks: An Experiment in Countering Cultural Hegemony and Post-Colonialism in Chinese Urban Space
Yeonjoo Cho, Glasgow School of Art, Painterly hybridization: a new mode of practice that appropriates the cultural dichotomy of Oriental/Western painting
David Johnson, Royal College of Art, Anamnesis and Aesthetic Materialism: Towards a Blind Sensorium for new ways of Seeing
Zara Worth, Leeds Beckett University, Like that and like that: Thinking about images through images, or, Thinking about iPhones and Instagram through icons
Andrew Bracey, University of Lincoln, Parasitical Appropriation of Las Meninas by Contemporary Artists

22 June 2021

Chair: Professor Gemma Blackshaw (Royal College of Art)
Staff: Dr Catherine Ferguson (Royal College of Art); Dr Ed Wall (University of Greenwich)

Jeremie Magar, Royal College of Art, “Mo(nu)ment” (“The Naked Moment”): Filmic emergences of the monuments”
Patti Lean, University of Cumbria, Thirl’d to the Mountain: Nan Shepherd and Ecocriticism in Painting Practice
Anna Hughes, Royal College of Art, Being Sick in Cyberspace
Xiao Yu, Royal College of Art, Beyond Painting via The Underbelly
Aaron Tan, University of Cumbria, “L.Y.C MUSEUM IS ME. L.Y.C MUSEUM IS ALL OF YOU.”

29 June 2021

Chair: Professor Lisa Stansbie (Leeds Beckett University) 
Staff: Dr Catherine Maffioletti (University of Greenwich); Dr Stacey Pitsillides (Northumbria)

Sophie Cero, Royal College of Art, STRATEGIES FOR ANONYMITYPresented by Mymmy (with the assistance of SOPHIE CERO)
Carlos Pires, University of Greenwich, Virtually Touched: Exploring Intimacy in Participatory and Virtual Experiences
Melanie Rose (Tugwell), University of Leeds, Commuter Routes to Leisure Facilities: Walking the South Downs Way through Painting
Mireia Ludevid Llop, London College of Communication, Memory as First Breath
Alexis Liu, University of Greenwich, Researching the edge of London
Anja Borowicz Richardson, Royal College of Art, Sounding-out Effort