Call and Response 2020

Call and Response: SoAH Research Presentations
Facilitated by the School of Arts & Humanities RCA, Greenwich University and the NAFAE network.
Presentations online 2 -30 June 2020.

9 June 2020
Prof Johnny Golding (Chair), Dr Josephine Berry, Dr Maria Korolkova, Dr Anastasios Maragiannis, Prof Stephen Kennedy
Adam Walker, Royal College of Art, Ways of being beyond the perpetuating inequality of the technosphere: textual artistic intervention as a vital strategy in enabling resistant agency  
Emma Colthurst, University of Greenwich, London Urban Markets: Public Agency, Action and Transformation      
Marina Hadjilouca, Royal College of Art, Questioning the Privatisation of Public Spaces: The Role of the Performance Designer as Trigger for Active Coexistence
Susana Gómez Larrañaga, University of Greenwich, Toxic Digits: A Geo-Social (Media) Memory        
Verena Niepel, Newcastle University, Exclusionary effects of values promote in Berlin’s art scene: An Analysis of the Artist Diaspora from Turkey formed after 2007  
Magali An Berthon, Royal College of Art, Investigating female entrepreneurship in silk production in contemporary Cambodia

16 June 2020
Dr Josephine Berry (Chair), Prof Johnny Golding, Dr Catherine Maffioletti, Dr Catherine Ferguson  
Liz K Miller, Royal College of Art, Sylvan Sounds: Exploring the Acoustic Forest through Visual Fine Art Practice
Damien Leech, University of the West of England, Sources of Pigmentless Colour in Nature – Seashells, Butterflies and Beetles
Melanie King, Royal College of Art, Ancient Light: Rematerializing the Astronomical Image      
Festus Adeyemi, Loughborough University, Exploring Colored Industrial Discards as Pigments for Easel painting  
Annie Morrad, University of Lincoln, Live Saxophone used as my voice in a dialogue with one other art practice       
David Johnson, Royal College of Art, Blind Aesthetics: Ways of (Not) Seeing (Memory, Materiality and the Plurality and Synaesthetics of the Senses)  

23 June 2020
Prof Rebecca Fortnum (Chair), Dr Catherine Ferguson, Dr Josephine Berry, Dr Catherine Maffioletti
Karl Foster, University of the Arts London, Pointing Towards the Unknown Unseen: The Visual Metaphors of Comprehensible-Incomprehensibility
Yvonne Opalinski, Lancaster University, A Glance in Betweens     
Julie Etheridge, Concordia University, Canada, Applying Dwayne Huebner’s Five Value System to Understand Art Museum Professional Development in the In-service Teacher’s Classroom  
Xiaoyi Nie, Royal College of Art, Collective Marching As A Curatorial Method: Reconsidering ‘Long March: A Walking Visual Display’ (2002) as a Model of Practice Break (10 mins)
Tatiana Isaeva, University of Greenwich, Internet Art Between Physical and Digital Spaces 
Paula Fitzsimons, Royal College of Art, Up Against the Wall: People’s monuments to a game of resistance at the edge of the wild 

30 June 2020
Dr Catherine Ferguson (Chair), Prof Rebecca Fortnum, Prof Dean Hughes, Prof Gemma Blackshaw, Prof Lisa Stansbie
Stuart Nolan, Lancaster University, The Wire Test and Telepathic Futurity
Jenny Eden, Manchester Metropolitan University, A Case for Painting
Kukka Paavilainen, University of Arts Helsinki, Painting as a Window, a Glass or a Screen?  
Robin Kirsten, Royal College of Art, Museum of Infinite Relations: artists spaces, worlds and models of the universe.
Green Yun Chu Chang, Lancaster University, Culture studies through practice – oil painting, colour and race      
Rachel Magdeburg, University of Wolverhampton, Decapitation, emoji and re- figured bodies in the Anthropocene: A Painting Practice Perspective