AUTO//FICTION: Exhibition

Juliette Blightman, 2012, 2019

Exhibition organised PhD candidates Marita Fraser and Sharon Young, curated by Linda Rocco and supported by the Speaking of Her Research Network and SoAH Research. Presented alongside AUTO//FICTION symposium.
9 – 12 July 2019 | 10am – 6pm
Dyson Gallery, Dyson Building , Battersea

In recent times speaking in the first person, or the merging of author and protagonist, has had a resurgence, both in academic discourse (Palmer, Cattle) and literature (Kraus, Nelson, Smith). In art practice, literature and academia there appears to be a re-emergence of methods that challenge traditional forms of narration and argumentation. There is now a revitalised discourse around questions such as: What is the place of fiction in academic writing? What theoretical frameworks does auto-fictional writing offer and/or restrict? How can autobiography transcend the personal? Is the ‘I’ gendered. This event will explore and reflect on this movement and its uses within arts research.

Artists: Helen Barff, Juliette Blightman, Esme Boggis, Sharon Young, Chantal Faust, Rebecca Fortnum, Marita Fraser, Gill Houghton, Tami Izko, Lali Khalid, Janice Levy, Mars, Nadège Meriau, Trish Morrissey, Marianne Mulvey, Ralph Pritchard, Mark Riley, Charan Singh, Colette Standish & Poppy Whatmore