Exhibitions, Symposium, Talks and Conferences from Royal College of Art, School of Arts and Humanities Research.

Flight Mode, Adjoa Armah, 2018


In the Realm of Re-Sensing, SoAH Research Platform >

A conversation about ice and pollen, SoAH Research Platform >

Sense, Non-Sense and Art, SoAH Research Platform >

Sense-making for sharing sensibilities, SoAH Research Platform >

Textual bodies, SoAH Research Platform >

Sense-Making for Sharing Sensibilities: Art, Design and Social Change, SoAH Research Platform >


Entanglement: Just Gaming, SoAH Research Presents 2020 >

Call and Response, SoAH Research Presentations 2020 >

Dig, SoAH Research Project, MRes Exhibition 2020 >

Diagrams, Models and Magic, SoAH Research Platform, 2020 >

Geoaesthetics: Locating Art in Unstable Milieux, SoAH Research Platform 2020 >

2084, SoAH Research Project 2020 >

FutureLAB, SoAH Research Project, 2019 >

The Urgency of the Arts, NAFAE research conference 2019 >

There’s something lurking in the shadows that might be interesting,
SoAH Research Project 2019 >

Speaking With: Carol Mavor and Nadia Hebson Symposium, 2019 >

AUTO//FICTION Symposium, 2019 >

AUTO//FICTION Exhibition, 2019 >

Ali Smith, SoAH Research Presents 2019 >

Entanglement, The Opera, SoAH Research Presents 2019 >

‘Mary in my urine, my mouth, my heart, my madness, my sleep; my sea, my me:’ Or, Caul (1966) by Mary Glass – A Lecture by Professor Carol Mavor, SoAH Research Presents 2019 >

‘The Psychotic Document’, SoAH Research Presents 2019 >

Environment with Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg & Joanna Boehnert, SoAH Research Presents 2019 >

Flight Mode, SoAH Research Project 2018 >

Dickie Beau, SoAH Research Presents 2018 >

The Object of Research, SoAH Research Residency 2018 >

Marl: Sometimes Hard, usually Soft: A Carnival of Entanglement SoAH Research Presents, 2018 >

Philippe-Alain Michaud SoAH Research Presents, 2018 >

The Seventh Wonder of the ZAD with Kristin Ross & Mark Hutchinson SoAH Research Presents, 2018 >

Absurdity: Colouring in the Void, SoAH Research Presents 2018 >

Daybreak, SoAH Research Project 2017 >