Completed Vivas

2020 – 2021

Adam Walker: Ways of being beyond the perpetuating inequalities of the technosphere: Textual artistic intervention as a vital strategy in enabling resistant agency or, Embodying a practice of radical care.

Aki Pao-Chen Chiu: Translating Erasure: Proposing Auto-theory as a Practice for Artistic Enquiry and Analysis while Comprehending Personal Grief

Anna Adahl: SimCrowds: The Aesthetics and Politics of Digitised and Simulated Crowds.

Carol Mancke: Appearing in Public: The affordances of hopeless spaces.

Helen Slater Stokes: Exploring the optical perception of image within glass.

Imogen Woodberry: Utopia and Control: the Application of Cybernetic Theory in British Art and Design in the Post War Era.

Ji Hye Hong: Collecting Korean Things: Actors in the formation of Korean collections in Britain (1876-1961).

Laura Grace Ford: Threshold Cartographies – the Poetics of Contested Space.

Leren Li: Reviving Boro: The Transcultural Reconstruction of Japanese Patchwork.

Magali An Berthon: Silk and post-conflict Cambodia: Embodied practices and local and global dynamics of heritage and knowledge transference (1991-2018).

Marianne Mulvey: A critical examination of the ‘Public Programme’ within contemporary art institutions.

Marina Hadjilouca: The Social Turn: The Performance Designer as Trigger for Active Co-existence.

Mark Selby: Machines at Play: The Attraction of Automation.

Stephanie Seungmin Kim: Arts and Politics: Art for Art’s Sake versus Art for Life.

Svetlana Burkhardt: A Post-Socialist Tandem: The Role of Artists, Patrons, Collectors, Critics and Curators in Creation and Commodification of Russian and Chinese Art from 1970 until today.

Vicky Kim: The Production of the Subject through Space, Architecture and Image.